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Dainų tekstų paieškos rezultatai nuo 1 iki 33 pagal užklausą ocean

1. Vilija - Oh My God
Oh my god somethings are hard to do but i believe there's not just me and you i know there's something up there up in the sky his name - god a little old man and he's mad and he's mad and he's mad but god does many poor things but even...

2. Andrius Mamontovas_Cloudmaker - Breathe, Breathe
Come drink of my water come dive in my ocean, fall into the waves... dream, dream. rush into my soul on a tide of emotion, come away sailing-- with me, with me. i'll hold you now as we hide from tomorrow, healing the pain with...

3. Andrius Mamontovas_Cloudmaker - Is This The Rain
There's the way to the heaven, and there's the way to hell... you can choose until you're 27, before the time puts on you this spell. is it a new beginning? or the same old end? am i your enemy? or am i still nobody's friend? is this...

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