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Dainų tekstų paieškos rezultatai nuo 1 iki 33 pagal užklausą scared

1. Mini-Me - Yes
Yes i ain’t gonna lie yes you look so fine but you have to try try to win my heart last night when i saw you in the club you said you wanna taste my love when i told i don’t believe in your game you said you wanna take my kiss away yes...

2. Kauno choras - Circle of Life (Chorų karai)
From the day we arrive on the planet and blinking, step into the sun there's more to be seen than can ever be seen more to do than can ever be done some say: eat or be eaten some say: live and let live but all are agreed as they join the...

3. Amberlife - In My Life
Now i believe i can see what no-one sees now i'll retrieve my mistakes i've done so free and you will never know who i am, what i am but i'll show that my reason to live is the reason to be sick, a-aa i was scared or maybe not in my life,...

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